Dedicated to Maui’s Youth

May 15, 2014 marked the dedication of the Friends of the Children’s Justice Center of Maui Computer Center. Hui Malama Learning Center would like to thank Paul Tonnessen, Executive Director of FCJC and it’s Board of Directors for this generous gift. This center will be a valuable tool in assisting our students in studying, testing…


Call to Order

Hui Malama’s Civic Duty Program gives our students an inside look at the process the Maui County Council members take to decide the upcoming years budget. Students are able to meet personally with each member and discuss the importance of not only the work that Hui Malama is doing, but what the future holds for…


Clean Up, Clean Up, Everybody Clean Up!

Sharing their passion and knowledge of restoration, the Hawaiian Islands Land Trust invited Hui Malama to participate in a shoreline clean up. As students, staff and HILT mentors cleaned, it became a harsh reality how dirty our shorelines really are. Students were amazed at how much opala was picked up. We were not only informed…


Continuing our Journey

The journey for our students is never ending. Kumu strive to fill them with knowledge that will prepare them for the future. Keeping all our students involved in hands-on projects has created a better sense of commitment, responsibility and gratitude in all areas of their lives.


Hauoli Makahiki Hou

p5rn7vb Happy New Year! As we begin our second semester, we remind our students and families of the commitment each one of us has made. Families in support of our students, Kumu and staff in support of our families, mentors in support of our kumu. With guidance, patience and personal ability, 2014 will be a…


Hard Work…Tasty Benefit

To maintain our strength, our culture and our relationship with one another, mentor Kawehi Ryder guided our students through the process of creating an imu. Having prior experiences with assisting in the imu process, our students were able to gain even more knowledge. All that hard work paid off with a very tasty lunch of…


Kalo Chips Anyone?

The end result of such hard work are the most delicious chips…Kalo chips! Thanks to Uncle Bobby and his never ending lessons of sustainability, responsibility and commitment, students and staff were able to enjoy kalo chips the day after we assisted him in harvesting a small patch at his farm. We will continue to help…