Since 1973, Maui Hui Mālama has helped youth in Maui overcome personal challenges and barriers to educational success. The organization has supported more than 26,000 young people find purpose, complete educational milestones, gain employment, and find pathways to healthy, productive lives.


Youth on Maui have access to learning opportunities that fit them best and help them grow. Every youth has life’s basic needs in place, a close relationship with culture, endless possibilities to explore, and a promising future.


Maui Hui Mālama provides inspiring educational opportunities and supportive compassionate learning environments that help Maui youth overcome barriers to education, careers, and cultural goals. 


Our values guide our programs and practices:

Responsibility. At Maui Hui Mālama, we take youth under our wing and help each student build responsibility for their growth. We create a homelike environment that encourages relationships and community responsibility. As an organization, we hold ourselves to the highest standard – we act with integrity and deliver on our promises to youth, families, funders, and the community.

The Extra Mile. We see possibilities for every youth, and make extra effort to show them we care. Our dedicated staff finds creative educational opportunities that match the unique gifts and circumstances of youth and their families. At Maui Hui Mālama, we also push ourselves to explore new approaches and partnerships that expand impact.

Hope. We believe all youth have pathways to success and promising futures. We meet them with compassion and empathy, and we encourage them to hold onto hope. We do not give up, and we challenge them not to give up on themselves.