Maui Hui Malama is pleased to offer a special workshop on photography for the web with their web developer, Karen Bennett.

You will learn

  • The basics of taking and using photos on the web
  • Characteristics of good and bad photos
  • How to set photo goals for a specific event

You will come away with

  • Checklists for planning, evaluating, and editing your photos
  • Resources for further learning
  • Insight into the disciplines of photography and web publishing

The weeklong training will provide practical experience

  • Going through the process over several days during spring break
  • Observe and photograph the Culinary Camp, Aquaponics, and Video Game Workshop courses
  • Work with a web professional and have photos included in a web post on the Maui Hui Malama website

Internship opportunities may be available for those who successfully complete this training.

This workshop will begin on Monday, March 19, 1pm-3pm and continue throughout the week with photo shoots and editing sessions. (download the flyer)

For more information, contact Maui Hui  Malama.