For over 40 years, Hui Malama has grown to provide a wide variety of personal development and academic support services to over 20,000 children, youth and their families, and adults in Maui County. Hui Malama’s integrative programs have helped participants from various backgrounds to realize personal, academic and employment success. Hui Malama’s evolution is driven by the ever-growing diversity of needs articulated by Maui community members. It has continued to meet the challenge of strengthening our community by providing unique opportunities for Maui’s youth and adults for more than three decades.

Thanks to the vision of Diane Ho, Maui Hui Malama was created in 1973 to address the needs of local youth. At that time, Maui Hui Malama served primarily teen mothers, who dropped out or had been expelled from public school.

Today, Maui Hui Malama provides a variety of services during the week and on weekends to support clients to create and develop and pursue their own unique personal pathway to achieve success throughout their lifetime.