What We Do

Hui Malama’s approach to developing the whole person aims to address participants’ short-, mid-, and long-term needs and goals. Our highly intensive and personalized support services identify root issues and step-by-step addresses all aspects of the participant’s life including their emotional, social and mental state and stability, habits and skills, behavior in various learning, work and group settings. To ascertain a fuller understanding, Hui Malama begins by identifying, assessing, and facilitating the resources historically and currently available in the youth’s ecosystem that has led the participant to current status. The ecosystem includes family, community, school, work, natural environment, peer group and spirituality. Upon identifying needs, strengths and short-, mid-, and long-term goals, Hui Malama guides and nurtures each youth to develop a highly personalized Individual Development Plan that will provide youth with the attributes and ability to adapt and grow with the ever-changing challenges and environment. Habits of mind and Aloha Response provide youth with the fundamental tools to be “builders” as opposed to “maintainers” in the workforce and leadership that organizations can rely on to enrich the work environment for all and tackle the challenges of the 21st century in innovative ways.

Hui Malama is committed to transforming diverse high-needs youth who have fallen behind traditional educational standards into graduates with “potential” – not just their given gifts but the ability to best utilize what they have (both strengths and weaknesses) in any situation to figure things out. Hui Malama’s goal in the next five years is to prepare every participant to become dependable, committed, top producers in entry-level jobs across all of Maui’s driving industries and complete any education or training necessary to do so. Hui Malama’s goal in 10 years is to provide local businesses with their best performing, most committed middle managers. Hui Malama’s 20-year goal is to provide businesses in Hawaii with the most caring, innovative and productive leaders across all major industries, education and government.

Our experience is that people will not learn or do unless they have the motivation to learn, change and do. Once participants feel stable and safe, they can participate in activities that allow them to believe in themselves. To establish this, participants must have confidence and trust in the intentions, competencies, commitment, and predictability of those in charge. Hui Malama inspires and empowers youth, their caregivers and other stakeholders, previously hopeless and exhausted, to once again believe in the capability and potential of these youth to be positive and productive contributors in their community, at a job and at home. Once inspired and nurtured, youth, caregivers and stakeholders commit to an ongoing process of developing the “whole person”.