Here is some of the feedback we’ve received from participants.

I have been with Hui Malama for one year now. If Hui Malama didn’t exist, I wouldn’t be planning for my future. With their help I’m preparing for my GED, and I feel much more stable. After my GED, I want to get a good job and help my mom.


I am extremely grateful for the education that Hui Malama provided, for not only myself, but for my Mom. She did not know what to do with me, and Hui Malama gave her an option that she did not know existed. Hui Malama helped me get into MCC at such a young age because they believed in me and knew I was dedicated. Hui Malama made college possible and I am grateful that they saw my potential.

Elle Cochran, Hui Malama alumnus and West Maui County Council Representative

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Hui Malama participants Civic Duty Project with Elle Cochran


I just kept on thinking of all those times you told us to choose goals in our lives, and choose the right people in my life. I knew that if I chose to smoke, I would lose my goal and that I would be letting down a lot of people, including you guys.

Former Hui Malama participant

Look! I got a job ’cause of you guys!

GED Graduate

I am enrolled at MCC and I never would have done it without your help.

GED Graduate