“Jonette has such a positive attitude & is willing to take on any task.”

— Robyn Delima

At Maui Hui Malama we have a position called “Problem Solver.”  To Jonnette, this is the best position to have when working with our kids and their families. To be able to show them that no problem is too big to overcome teaches such a valuable lesson to our youth. With a little tenacity and thinking outside the box, we can overcome any obstacle life hands us!

Jonnette has been working with children and families for over 18 years providing outreach, case management and educational support. In 2010, Jonnette returned to the University of Hawaii to obtain her Bachelors of Science in Nursing as well as a degree in Hawaiian Studies. After graduating in 2015 Jonnette has been using cultural awareness as the foundation when educating youth and families.

Born and raised on Oahu, Jonnette is enjoying life on the slower-paced valley isle and hopes to make a difference in the lives of our youth!

“If anyone has ever experienced how stressful recruiting, hiring, and training a new person is you understand my dislike of the process. Jonnette, our new baby in the house has lowered our stress levels of having a new employee within seconds of her arrival.

It has been a breath of fresh air to have such high level of competency and positive outlook. Every day she is challenged, and every day she rises to the occasion.

‘Master of Taking it as it Comes, goes to… Jonnette Santos!’”

— Chelsie Haunga Evans, Executive Director

“One of the first things Jonnette shared with me was that she likes to walk. One day she said she was going to go for a walk on her lunch break, and she was back in less than twenty minutes with a salad.  I was like, how’d she go to that place, order her salad, come back so fast–and not look tired?! But that’s Jonnette–she’s not just fast; she’s smart, extremely self-sufficient, and has a good sense of humor.

I’ve observed her in action, and in literally two minutes, she can dissect a problem, think of possible leads, and is on the phone or internet researching and networking, all while compiling notes to keep us all informed.  We, and the families we serve, are very fortunate that Jonnette chose to come work with us.”

— Tammy Tanaka