Employer Mentor Program

Sharing Knowledge and Insight with Tomorrow’s Workforce

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. ~ Albert Pine

Internship at Goodfellow Bros., Inc.

Program Goals: To partner with Maui business leaders and community members to create community venues to highlight Hui Malama’s participant learning in the area of Science, Technology, Engineering and  Math (STEM) as it relates to sustainable living on Maui. In addition, to share knowledge with Maui’s community about sustainable living, Hui Malama’s programming and to raise funds to convert Hui Malama to a green, sustainable structure which also serves as a living classroom for STEM subjects. Finally, to recruit Employer Mentors for Hui Malama’s Employer Mentoring program to provide knowledge and insight to tomorrow’s workforce.

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Hui Malama’s Business Partnership – Employer Mentoring Program

What Hui Malama offers to Maui business and employer mentors

  • Volunteers – Hui Malama will send 1-2 participants to employer-mentor businesses as regular, weekly volunteers (2 hrs. per week,possibly more).
  • Market Display – representation at present and future public venues.
  • Tax Breaks – available for employer-mentor time/monetary donations to a non-profit. Hui Malama logs and tracks all time and money donated throughout entire project(s).
  • Press Release – Hui Malama sends pictures/videos/press release to Maui News and other local media outlets, describing participation and donations to Hui Malama
  • Advertisement – Employer-mentors may receive company name on Hui Malama van, describing involvement, commitment. One-month advertisement purchases also available.
Student job shadowing at Maui No Ka Oi Magazine

Student job shadowing at Maui No Ka Oi Magazine

What Employer-Mentor offer to Hui Malama

  • On-Site Presentation – Employer-mentor will spend one hour on site with participant’s, describing what their company does, what their company is all about. Hui Malama will encourage presenters to bring hands-on materials, displays, PowerPoint presentations, etc.
  • Facility/Career Tour – Participants take a guided field trip to employer-mentor’s facility as part of career exposure program.
  • Job Shadowing – One to two participants in a job shadowing activity of employer-mentor’s choice with their company (e.g.,taking roof measurements and calculations in order to install Solar PV panels).
  • Unpaid internship – One to two selected job shadow participants move on to the unpaid internship program with employer-mentor company.  They are taken through various employer roles and responsibilities (e.g., human resources exposure, administrative duties, record keeping, filing, hiring processes, etc.).
  • Personal mentoring – One to two participants may spend one hour per week, over lunch, speaking with two of employer-mentors selected employees about career choices, life decisions, goals, etc.

Please contact us at contact@mauihui.org or (808) 244-5911 to learn more about our employer-mentor program.