FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

[accordion title=”Is MHM part of the DOE?”]

No, Maui Hui Malama is a non-profit agency supported by funding from grants, donors, and MHM agency fundraising efforts.[/accordion][accordion title=”How long has MHM been in operation?”]

Diane Ho founded Maui Hui Malama in 1973.[/accordion][accordion title=”What types of programs do you have?”]

Our programs are described in detail elsewhere on this website. Please call the office for an appointment to learn more about services offered.
[/accordion][accordion title=”Where is MHM located?”]

Our address is 375 Mahalani Street, Wailuku on Maui. It is located just above the Maui Memorial Medical Center.[/accordion][accordion title=”What is the cost?”]

There is no cost to services provided.[/accordion][accordion title=”What are your hours?”]

Services are offered from 8-4:30 Mon – Fri at our main office and other sites.[/accordion][accordion title=”Who are the participants attending MHM?”]

Our participants have all kinds of backgrounds and experiences. There are any number of reasons why they are not successful in a traditional school setting on Maui. Every participant is unique, and Maui Hui Malama addresses each one individually.[/accordion][accordion title=”How do I sign up?” last=”y”]

Please call (808) 244-5911 to schedule an appointment.[/accordion][/accordions]