Who We Are

Hui Malama’s mission is to inspire, nurture and empower Maui’s youth to pursue careers that bolster our islands’ economy, increase self-reliance, and provide for future generations.

Since 1973, Maui Hui Malama (Hui Malama, for short) has enabled and assisted more than 26,000 Maui County residents to succeed and overcome personal challenges so that they may realize academic and personal success, improvement of employment opportunities and personal achievement. Maui Hui Malama welcomes self-referrals or referrals from state, county, private and community organizations to provide intensive supplemental and support services.

Hui Malama utilizes the desire and objective of obtaining a diploma through a public high school or the community school for adults not only as a necessary step in personal growth and skill building but also to establish a path for the at-risk youth to discover their individual potential for success. By providing positive examples, Hui Malama changes the poor habits and behaviors of the participant to establish a foundation upon which the youth may return to the public school setting or obtain their GED diploma and gain employment or related training.

Today, Hui Malama transforms Maui’s at-risk youth into thriving community members with the ability to adapt, grow and excel in their personal and career journey. To do this, Hui Malama focuses on rebuilding the person – a “being” that can serve as the foundation for learning and doing the necessary things for an enriching life as a positive family, workplace and community contributor.

Hui Malama is the only organization in Maui County that addresses the critical needs of a diverse range of youth to enable them to be successful in traditional education and employment environments. Hui Malama thrives on diversity and personalization.

Going beyond delivery of content, programs, activities, Hui Malama does whatever it takes to re-integrate participants into the community and workplace using a holistic and integrated approach.

Every one of the youth who have sought our services over the past two years have had previous home, community and school life experiences but those that lacked structure, guidance and support needed to realize success. Hui Malama not only ensures positive participation on all programs and aspects of the agency, it goes beyond the agency to strive for performance at home, school, work and community activities.

Malama, in Hawaiian, means to care for, and Hui Malama, together with its staff, mentors and community partners, cares for each and every participant and their families who enters its doors.